The A-List segment on TJKS: The Otto’s Omelet

A-List knows a great breakfast when we see it, and taste it. Otto’s in Pittsfield has the best around, including amazing omelets. Owner and Chef Luke Marion shows John and Ali his omelet making technique (including the flip and all) in-studio during the A-List segment!

Otto’s has been around since early 2011, and since 2015, Otto’s veteran Lucas Marion has held the reins as chef & owner of the busy East St. destination.

Together with his wife Lindsey, the two have been kicking breakfast ass and taking lunchtime names ever since.

Otto’s mission is ever-changing; however one thing always remains the same: get food from as close to home as possible, and support the local community.

We are in the business of cooking eggs and flipping burgers, sure, but none of that would be possible without our community, our friends, and our family.

It would be easy to have some long-winded statement that makes you feel some type of way about Otto’s…but we’ll let the pancakes do the talking. See you for breakfast!